How to Update Long Living Room Ideas

Feb 20th

Learn tips and techniques to decorate your long living room ideas or space in your home. Making simple updates can turn your living room into a completely different place. Find out how


Update your living space by changing the color of your walls. You can find affordable and brand new ideas color at The Home Depot. Try using colors that warm up your space and make your living room more inviting and inspiring. Change the window’s connection. You can look for affordable curtains, blinds and fixtures windows that will transform your home. Making a simple update of your window can change how your entire space and space look and feel. Replace table centerpieces. There is no need to change your cocktail tables when you can add a new vase or central to make the space look like new. You can find cheap table centerpieces at Home Good Stores, TJ Max Furniture Department or from shopping online. Choose a center that is interesting and different and makes the rooms focal.

Change or add pillows to the couch. Decoration pads can change the vibe of a room and make your living room more interesting. Choose exciting patterns and colors to emphasize the beauty of your room and sofa. Buy a stock ottoman, which can store things and be used for seating when needed. If you have a coffee table, place it in the middle of the room so that furniture is around it to put drinks and things on. Measure your coffee table and buy storage boxes that fit underneath it. This is a great way to utilize the space that you would not otherwise use. You can also make a dust rag or cloth for the coffee table to hide storage containers.

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Find an entertainment center that also has storage space. For a small living room, you want to avoid a basic TV set and use one that offers shelves to keep your TV, as well as DVD, books or other things. This way these items are not inflicting your living space. Again, place your center on the wall opposite the sofa as the collecting point. Put lighting in the ceiling. Lamps and floor lamps can cause unnecessary mess. So stick with a ceiling light, such as a fan of light, or track lighting. This way your room can be well lit, without sacrificing space.

Tips and warning

Keep accessories minimal and do not overcrowding. For a small living room, you do not want to add too many big accent pieces. Try typing on bonds that do not take place, and some pieces like scented candles that can sit in the middle of the coffee table. Avoid statues, large pieces of table or shelves that protrude from the walls too much.