24 Best Storage Ottoman Cube

Apr 2nd

The storage ottoman cube has been used for long periods of time and the best thing after that is that it can actually be transformed into a versatile piece of furniture. For example, you can use it as an additional seat or to prop your legs. One of the most modern uses is to have an ottoman for additional storage. You will need ¾ inch of plywood for the base, bottom and top. Adjust and glue the four sides together. After this you will have to drill holes to fasten the pieces with the help of the screws. Cut some pine strips and install them at the base of the interior. Each corner should have reinforced pine blocks. Lower part must be secure to the studs. Cut upholstery and batting of the base.

Apply a layer of quick-drying glue to the back of the upholstery and stick the wadding to it. Next, apply glue to the wadding and from one of the corners attach it to the base of the ottoman. In the stitching of the fabric they must overlap. Some high-density foam is need. Apply some glue to the plywood, except for the perimeter. Then add some adhesive to the edges of the foam and fold the edges so that the plywood will meet. Wrap the foam from the upholstery and staple cloth to the bottom of the lid. Cover the top of the pipe and secure it in place with staples. The upper part must be fix to the base by means of a hinge and also a toy box lid holder.  Add the feet to the bottom.

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These can be dye or paint according to your preferences and also have the style of the ottoman and the style of the room in mind. All that is left for you to do is add the items that you need to store inside the ottoman. And place it wherever you want it to be. This type of storage is perfect for homes that have little space and for people who are looking for smart storage options. Your guests will never know they are sitting in a storage compartment when they sit on their ottoman. The idea of ​​”off-site out of mind” is continue with this end of the ottoman bed containing a hidden compartment for storing blankets, pillows or any other desired mess bedroom that is on the way. I like this ottoman because it is elegant and goes with more modern bedroom decoration.