Standard of Counter Height Kitchen Table

Mar 27th

Existing practice in kitchen design dictates acceptable kitchen table configurations, including their counter height kitchen table. Traditionally, the height is derived from ergonomics, taking into account the tasks such as cooking food has been completed using the surface. Kitchen tables serve as more than places to store appliances. You have to cook, wash dishes and carry out other tasks at the counter and its height makes a big difference in your ergonomic comfort. Your personal preferences and needs can make alternative measurements prefer.

The standard counter height pub table in a kitchen is 36 inches high. Cabinets and appliances are designed to fit this height. And average size people will find this a comfortable working height. This specific measurement is not accurate. Tile or stone countertops can add ½ to one inch to height. While Formica or other materials come closer to the ideal height. Looking for lower countertop height? Many shorter people find the standard counter height too high to work on comfortably. A rule of thumb for fixing the proper kitchen table height is that when they rest your hands on the kitchen table, your elbows are bent at a 45 degree angle.

Many people at less than average height find 32 inches to be a comfortable work surface height. Taller bar height dining table types; People who are higher than the average person are bent over working on the standard counter height. For these chefs, the height raise a few inches to a more comfortable 38 or 39 inches enhances their ergonomic comfort in the kitchen. To accommodate a lower or higher height, custom cabinets are required. But your comfort in the kitchen tasks can be worth the effort. The island with the eat in bar is a popular feature in many kitchens. The bar is raised above the 36-inch height of the counter surface. So that high bar stools can be used as seating.

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The height of this eating surface is usually 42 inches. Kitchen counters to serve as high islands or food-serving bars are standardized in industry at a height of 42 inches. This height provides a comfortable eating surface when sitting on a bar stool. The vast majority of kitchen countertops in the United States are designed at a height of 36 inches from the floor surface to the top of the counter. This height has become the cabinet industry longstanding standard for the kitchen counter height of the sink areas, work areas and wood stove range places.