Pleasant Small Powder Room Ideas

Apr 23rd

Preparing and decorating small powder room ideas is not a task that is usually left for the last minute. However, so that the “return home” with the newborn is calmer, review that you do not miss anything in your room. For most families, prepare and decorate the baby’s room it is more than a laborious task. Normally, around six or seven months of pregnancy, parents usually order everything that the child will need in their room. The decoration, with the choice of furniture, colors, type of lighting, etc., is a task that you will enjoy. However, it is necessary to organize yourself properly and not be overwhelmed. You should also bear in mind that the environment of the nursery should be warm, pleasant, relaxing and comfortable.

A crib or bassinet for the baby to sleep on. It is convenient to place it in a corner of the double bedroom to be able to arrive at once, in case the little one wakes up at night. Also, be sure to place the crib or bassinet in a ventilated place and never near the radiator. The basics are: the cradle, the closet and the changing table. With these three furniture, you have what it takes to cover your needs (sleep, dress it and change it). Later, in the baby’s room you can buy a chair, a trunk to store your things or a small table for when you start to draw.

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As for the mattress, there are different materials. The most recommended are latex, hygienic and adaptable to the body of the child. And coconut fiber, which prevents the accumulation of moisture. The mattress must have the exact measurements to be fix in the crib. Between the mattress cover and the cotton sheets, a fabric or absorbent cellulose protector should be place. In recent years, it has spread its popularity among mothers, since it always keeps the baby cover and guarantees an adequate body temperature. If it is use, it is better not to wrap the baby excessively to sleep.

The bag must be use only while the ambient temperature demands it. In relation to the colors of the baby’s room, it will depend on the touch you want to give it. If you want the room to be classic and elegant, you should opt for light colors such as beige or white. On the other hand, if you prefer to transmit joy, you can opt for more colorful tones. You must bear in mind that, when the baby is still a baby, the soft colors that bring tranquility and well-being are recommend.