Single Futon: Excellent Option for Our Room

Nov 15th

Single futon plays a very important role in the living room and is one of the places where family and friends talk as well as the second bed when you are lazy in the bedroom and also furniture. Important decor in the living room. Just rearranging your chair, buying a new chair or changing a new one you seem to have “replaced” the whole living room.

Asian style, this sofa bed, also single futon type, encompasses the simplicity of the oriental furniture, which has more a function of introspection and rest, than decorative. Although in this case decorative value is also added. To a simple retracted mattress, we put a chocolate base to give it a sofa shape and we get a very cool piece of furniture.

A piece of furniture that evokes the elegance of antique furniture, the chaise lounge style single futon is an excellent option for the decoration of our room or even a study or room. Very classic furniture that does not go out of style and that will give an air of majesty to our spaces. In this image we have the classic model, with wooden base, with relief carvings, cushions embroidered in gold colored threads, the beige color, which accentuates its elegance.

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