Most Popular Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Mar 13th

The contemporary living room ideas are one of the most popular, as it is simple, comfortable and relaxed. Neutral colors, straight lines, modern furniture and natural lighting are its main features and the ones that attract the most fans of this style. If you design to redecorate your living room, consider option style, as it is perfect both for resting and receiving family. Choosing lighting is basic in the contemporary style living room. If possible, use natural light. Many rooms have the advantage of having large windows and even windows, so take advantage of them. Do not use heavy curtains, and leave them uncovered as much as possible.

In case you do not have large windows, use artificial light installed in strategic places. The contemporary style uses a lot of floor and table lamps, make sure that all the spaces in your interior ideas for contemporary interior design ideas receive good lighting using these accessories. Another feature of contemporary style: the straight lines. As you can see in the ideas, from the furniture to the architecture and the accessories are geometric. The straight and low sofas are typical of this style, but that’s not why you have to leave comfort aside. Many options, despite looking too firm, have enough padding to relax for hours and hours. When choosing paintings, use simple and rectangular frames.

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Use square cushions in tones that match your decor. Choose more straight lines than circular ones in the accessories of your small contemporary living room ideas. You can add more than one color accessory, but try not to choose many different or contrasting colors since neutrals should be the most. What if you love the contemporary style but not neutral colors? The decoration is designed for those who will enjoy it, so if the neutrals are very simple, use other colors. If you still want to keep the contemporary style as much as possible, use soothing colors, such as blue or green.

Try not to mix contrasting colors, such as red and yellow, and instead use different shades of the same color. The living room designing ideas, with its neutral colors and simple lines, can end up looking simple. That’s why the use of textures is so important. In this ideas, we can see that texture is added to the wooden furniture, the metal table, the leather blanket and the metallic details of the sliding door. The contemporary style is simple and relaxed, but that does not mean you should avoid adding your personality to space. Do you like chairs with animal prints? Use them. Do you want to mix different materials in the furniture?

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