Distinctive Plantation Style House Plans

Feb 19th

For those of us who were not born or are part of the North American culture. These are houses that are significant to us. Because the history of the liberation of the American peoples . And the books have given us to know these fantastic. And enormous residences but also the cinema showed us some outside and inside. Keep in mind the movie “Gone with the Wind”. We have in mind the associated idea of ​​slavery, blacks and the Civil War in North America. With images of these fantastic mansions as frames of scenes capture by the cinema or in our imagination. For many of us, the southern mansions are storybook houses. Great houses with charm, some of them dazzling, linked to plantation style house plans, farms of the south, times of opulence.

There are preserve southern mansions, not as architectural works. They are equal to great monuments. Because the historical memory can be seen and touch there. Surely some of these houses were witnesses of issues that we still cannot clarify today.  The United States, the southern mansions and the houses of former presidents are visit just like museums. And instill a great patriotic sense. The connection of the great southern mansions with the slavery of the blacks is that with more meaning for the whole world. Also these houses were the framework of the Civil War that took center stage in the struggle for a superior vision. And a system where slavery was abolish.

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The style of the southern mansions is maintain in new constructions. It can be seen in residences of carriage in almost all the United States. Among the options to make a mansion. The inspiration in the design and also style of the southern mansions, nowadays counts. In Disneyland there is a replica of a southern mansion with decorations on the balconies of New Orleans. It is a large house of real size and with its gardens that were and still are force frames of these constructions.

The character of luxury to be highlight in these striking mansions is give mainly by the sizes of the sectors that each adds. The main access is usually expensively highlight, the large and also well-kept gardens, the large park define by a designer of fame. And in its origins the lands of large extensions with plantations. You will find several entries about the large and luxurious residences identified as mansions publish in this architecture blog, follow this link, there is a list to consult.