Personalized Door Knocker Ideas

Apr 20th

A door clamp, both a decorative and functional hardware that can be used instead of a personalized door knocker. Usually made with a swinging U-shaped handle and should be installed on the outside of the front door in a location that is convenient and accessible to visitors.

Between eye and shoulder height

Install a door knob at a height that is easy to see eyes. A door clamp should be installed in the middle of a door between the eye and the shoulder height. Depending on the angle of your way to your door, choose a height that best fits your farewell. Shoulder-level placement works well with an upright door bend or walkway. Eye-level placement coordinates with a flat, level doorway area. A door snail must be within reach of the average user. Stand in front of your door and lift your hand to eye level as if you were going to use an invisible door knob. Consider the height and decide if something lower or higher would be more appropriate for an average adult. Little children may not be able to reach a door knob that is installed for adults.

Distance from the floor

The most appropriate height for a door knob is 4 to 5 meters from the floor; door knob says the manufacturer Your Doorknob on its website. The manufacturer adds that an exact height of 4.5 meters from the ground is perfect. The standard front door height is 80 inches, says The House Installing a door knob 4.5 meters from the ground places it about two thirds of the way up the door. Measure the height with a tape measure to get a correct location for installation.

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Below Eye Viewer

If you have a privacy eye viewer at your door, your door recommends install a door button below the viewer. Place the door knob 1 to 3 inches below the eye viewer so that the viewer and door knob do not seem crowded. Avoid installing a door knob above a privacy eye-catcher because the U-shaped whistle pin can block the view. A solid wooden door, trendy age or Camay cast, creates a striking rustic or romantic bedside. While you can attach the door to the wall with the picture thread or standard screws, such a heavy object requires more security, especially since you will rest your head for several hours each evening. To securely attach your DIY door to the wall, use the French cleat, which supports super heavy weights, such as kitchen cabinets.