Modern Vanity Table Bedroom for All Tastes

Apr 1st

When I was little, one of the things that attracted me the most was the dressing table in my mother’s bedroom. With its mirror and all those little containers full of wonderful essences. The small size of our homes and the frenetic pace of life today have made that this space of the house falls into oblivion. We claim today this furniture or environment. In which dedicating time to oneself is transform into a wonderful ritual. And that would undoubtedly improve our quality of life if we were to recite it.  The bedroom is one of the rooms in which this modern vanity table furniture dedicated to the feminine grooming and hairstyle traditionally used to be located.

If your room is so small that it is completely impossible. Check your bathroom well, surely there is an unused countertop that you can enable as a dressing table. A dressing room is one of the most suitable spaces to locate a dressing table. If it’s not too big, you can hide it in the bottom of one of your cabinets. If you are not one of the lucky ones who have this room in your home, you can, transfer this idea to any of your built-in wardrobes. A simple mirror can transform the work table you have in your room into a dressing table. We recommend that you be neat. And have specific compartments to store your makeup and stationery supplies separately.

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If you have little space in the bedroom, replacing the bedside table with a mini dresser can come in handy. And if there is no way to find a space, you can put a space in the studio. Then, a small room or a small passage area without problems Wherever it is. I recommend that you look for a well-lit place that allows you to see well. And that you invest in powerful artificial lighting to look good. It is advisable to invest in a good mirror, with built-in lighting will help you see better. And if you can also choose a small auxiliary mirror that will extend you will be great for day to day.

The textiles are especially indicated to decorate this intimate space. Carpets, carpets, upholstery, curtains … are elements that, placed in their proper measure, provide the sensuality, warmth and comfort desire in this eminently feminine environment. The mirror is a fundamental element in a dressing table. In addition to a large one in which you can see half body. It is good to have other smaller ones with which you can appreciate small imperfections of the skin.