Gothic Home Decor: Do You Dare?

Mar 6th

Gothic home decor style is one of oldest architectural styles that exist, but it is undoubtedly one of most elements that define it as such. In all spheres it becomes characteristic for its shapes, colors, materials, textures, both in interiors and in architecture extrapolated to furniture design. And truth is that some people feel need to bring some of this to their homes, so we will see some ideas to decorate Gothic style.  interior design and Gothic architecture are undoubtedly fabulous. They are defined by arches, wood in materials and formal motives that are typical of this style. Traditionally, we usually see it in houses used in library decoration, or in offices where elegance is present throughout space.

Gothic carries with it a long-standing essence, when it arises but there are tendencies to apply it now that extrapolate all those motives and forms. You do not have to do all of them to apply it, at all. It is such a special style that any motive can be apply to identify it without problems. Essentials are dark colors, lighting with dim lights, use of some characteristic elements. Such as decoration with stain glass, as you can see in some large buildings of Gothic architecture. Select furniture that incorporates dark woods preferably, not painted but natural in combination with metals of ancient appearance of course.

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Gothic decoration is more than large and antique furniture. With great back and straight. icons in decoration are dragons, gargoyles, and medieval creatures, above all. On walls it is very common to use large fabrics to cover them. As a decorative resource we can use curtains. Which while larger and majestic, much better. Especially in bedrooms and living room. Lighting must be dim, mysterious so that you see it that way. Use chandeliers, directional lights and dark lamp shades to make effect more powerful. Room can also be paint a dark color that does not have to be black. Any dark saturation is ideal for that and compares it with slightly lighter areas to balance.

Also, do not discard use of some vibrant and warm colors like red and orange. Rest is to apply to decoration other Gothic elements. Such as images, vases, candles, and color crystals like stain glass windows of churches.  Gothic style is very peculiar and has particularities that make it special and different. In decoration of home is very well seen and very original,. Since not everyone is sure to use this style of decoration. Do you dare to decorate Gothic style?