Playing With Diy Railing Planter and Pretty Flowers

Feb 26th

The handrail defines the limit of the house. To design it, pay attention to your terrace, but also to what you see when you look up. Playing with the geometry of the diy railing planter, the materials and the variety of plant species can generate very interesting rhythms in our railing. With different plant species you can bring visual richness to the space. You can also convert the railing into a 3D element generating interesting volumetric games. In addition, you can also combine linear elements integrated in the railing with others that are exempt, thus obtaining a new landscape full of plant and material wealth. These examples, which illustrate each of the ideas described, offer some ideas for making the terrace railing a unique element.

Although balustrades are usually a linear element with a constant height. We can break with this continuity generating a new rhythm from different material treatments. You can also resort to placing the vegetation at different heights to enhance the views. Give more privacy to the interior or simply introduce a new desire environment. A good idea to keep in mind is the exempt planters. They are a perfect resource to bring personality to a specific area. If the handrail is use as an element to give continuity in the vertical plane. Different shapes can be generate, thus playing with the outer space lines.

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If the landscape that surrounds us is as beautiful as this one. We can make it become our limit by defining it with a breastplate as a linear seat that frames the vegetation. Playing with the concept of the third dimension. We can create lines like this one of gravel at the end of a planter. The result: a visual break with the continuity of the flooring. Another good idea may be to work different heights and plans, generating. For example, a bench that allows you to sit and enjoy the views of the terrace.

To blur the handrail you can also design a previous garden that due to its size serves as a barrier without having to build a conventional railing structure. The border between our terrace and the exterior is built with vegetation. And is a perfect transition in cases where our views are a natural landscape. If the terrace is spacious enough, we can afford to create planters with different volumes that increase the quality of this space. Check our gallery to inspire you!