Beautiful and Original Crystal Drawer Pulls

Feb 9th

A piece of furniture or a door can change radically just by renewing handles or knobs. On many occasions it is not necessary to replace them to change their appearance, with a facelift they can give a second chance to those we already have. Nor is it necessary to spend a fortune because we can make them ourselves or use recycled elements to replace them. One way or another, you will surely find inspiration with these DIY ideas to renew crystal drawer pulls. Handles or knobs in cabinets and drawers give a final touch to decoration of your kitchen, regardless of style you want to create.

Kitchen cabinet handles that are available in market are create from a wide variety of durable materials. They are offer by furniture designers in custom designs and good finishes suiting tastes of buyers. Select good quality knobs that are durable. And complements cabinets in which they are install. I have always liked handles more than knobs for kitchen doors. But I did not want to make new holes in wood in case it changed them again in a few years. So it occurr to me that I could put top part of shooter in hole that was already made. And in bottom part (where it had no hole), place double-sided tape.

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In this way, if screw on top part is tighten correctly and bottom part of handle is fix with self-adhesive tape. It will be fix without having to make another hole. Instead of double-sided self-adhesive tape you can also use glue. But it will be more expensive to eliminate when you want to change handle. Although it could be achieve with a solvent. When I tune this bedside table, what they asked me most was where I had bought those knobs. Almost nobody believe me when I said they were same ones I already had. Some plastic knobs yellowed by passage of time. Became a beautiful and original knobs thanks to a spray paint and a decorative vinyl.

Who said that second parts were never good? In many occasions it is worthwhile to give them a second chance to objects that we already have. For very little change can be surprising. I hope you have liked these DIY ideas to renew drawer pulls and doors. And that you have find inspiration needed to encourage you to decorate, tune or change those knobs. Or knobs that you are already boring of seeing. Surely renovation is worth it.

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