Create Cozy Living Room Ideas

Apr 15th

To start with the decoration of your living room ideas and you can renew it in the best way without having to spend a high budget. Or have to change absolutely everything. Here some ideas so you know how to decorate a cozy living room ideas so simple and as a professional decoration. You can simply use simple and small details that will give a great change and a new decorative style to the living room of your home. Which, of course, you can get economically and save some dollars.

First, paint with neutral colors; with the simple fact of painting one or all of the walls of a different color that is neutral. This will be possible to give a completely different style to the room. Changing the color of all the walls may be somewhat laborious. Because then the color of the wall that will be the focal point of the decoration changes. This task will be very simple especially if you have white walls. Where you can simply apply the neutral color that you want. Second, use curtains; the curtains are the perfect complement to the color of the walls since they allow adding a touch of color.

Whether the curtains are of a whole color? But you can also use without problems some curtains with prints. Or that has more than one color that manages to blend perfectly with the color of the walls mainly and the rest of the decoration. A good advice is that the design and color of the curtains is the same as the carpet if you have one. Third, use a color like the protagonist; you have to cheer up. So you can use a color that is the highlight and the protagonist of the decoration. So that the style of your living room color schemes is very modern and elegant.

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The predominant color must be used in 60% of the decoration. While the secondary color must be used in 30% and the complementary color in 20%. Another idea for living rooms ideas is by adding furniture. So, divide the room into areas for reading, TV, work etc. And use loose carpets as zones. Show your passion: Exhibit your art, your photos, the books on the shelves. Make small groups of favorite items. And have lots of lamps: in the attic for orientation, on the wall / floor for reading, table lamps for amusement. The end.