24 Cool Bed Frames Example to Inspire You

Mar 24th

Would you like to sleep in this bed? Yes, true, why will it be? The cool bed frames is the main protagonist of your bedroom, mainly because it is the biggest piece and, therefore, the one that can be see the most. In addition, today these rooms are built increasingly smaller so we do not have many alternatives when it comes to decorating. If it’s your case, be careful! Your bedroom can become dull without a well presented bed. The bed is another decorative object which you have to fix and decorate if you want to make a good impression to your potential clients.  It may seem that I exaggerate and that the subject is not so serious, but you are wrong.

I have spoken with real estate photographers who have had to ask the owners to make the bed to photograph the room. I know they say that the unstoppable need to make the bed as soon as you get up does not enter until the age of 30, but if they are going to do a photographic report … Oh, if their mothers saw them with the bed undone! Choose fabrics appropriate to the season of the year in which you are. If you are selling your house in winter, choose thick fabrics. If, instead, you sell your house in summer, use fabrics with light textures.

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Never use fabrics with shrill colors, exaggerated prints or very dark colors. The dark colors reduce space to the rooms, the clear ones contribute luminosity. In addition, light colors give a greater sense of hygiene. If your bedroom is finish in wood and beige walls, broken white … Your bedroom will be warm, therefore, still with the shades of broke white, bone color, stone color … I mean do not put anything gray simply for being the fashion color . Use the gray if your bedroom is more modern style and is compose with these tonalities. Some of the piece of the bed can have some color, it is not necessary that everything is white.

The wrinkle is not as beautiful as they say, at least in the bedding. It is not necessary that the pieces are ironed whole; just iron the parts that remain in sight. If you live in the house during the sale process, it will be very difficult to keep the sheets without wrinkles because, obviously, you use the bed every night. For that reason, it is enough that you review the parts that are see and that you do it when you know that you are going to receive visits. In these cases, fabrics that do not wrinkle easily are your best allies.