How to Convert Queen Beds at Walmart

Nov 3rd

Queen beds at walmart were built when a double-size mattress would fit most couples. Today, the queen size mattress is the choice for most bedroom sets, which pose a slight problem for those who want to utilize an antique bed as part of their furnishings. With just a little customization and the right equipment, converting a double bed into a queen bed can be easier than you think


Buy a set of double on rail queen beds at walmart converters. Ask your bedding or mattress shop to buy a set of these rails. They can stick in or bolt on your full size bedside or footsteps, depending on the type of bolts on your furniture. Check your double headboard and footstool thoroughly. In some cases you may need to add a piece of wood or sheet to an antique set because you have a steady place to attach the bolts. Install the queen converter rails. These rails are long enough to accommodate a full-size mattress and come with L-brackets on the sides to accommodate extra width.

Tips and warnings

The wooden rules that were on the queen beds at walmart initially have to be changed to accommodate the new queen size bed if you want to use them. If you think you can convert the bed back to a double size in the future keep the old rails and consider having new tracks custom made. Drawer springs on a queen that will take up the mattress much higher than a traditional mattress. Plus, the queen is lying on top of the rails instead of inside them.

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