24 Awesome Couches for Interior Home

Feb 18th

When we change our house or decide to redecorate the one we have, we can not always start from scratch and choose the awesome couches , the most common is to take advantage of our old furniture , and now that vintage is fashionable, even more so; In addition  , recycling   is increasingly important, and if we take into account the wabi-sabi philosophy and we know how to see the beauty of the old, of the marks left by the passage of time, we will never want to get rid of that beautiful chocolate sofa . Do I know what colors are recommended in each room of the house?

The answer is here , but do not let it condition you too much; it is an orientation that must be adapted to each one: it is not the same as someone who does work tasks in the room. Who uses it as a meeting place for friends. Or who uses it to relax at the end of the day; so it’s good to know a bit about the basis of chromo therapy, but be flexible, adapt it to you. What the ideal color? This is as much or more important than the previous. A color should inspire you, you should feel identified with it. And you should never use a color that does not convince you.

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Is my room a small space ? It is always advisable to paint the walls with light colors that will give more light. But if the room is a small space it is still more important. If the room is small, it does not have to be white. But if the painting has a high degree of white in its composition. This will trap the light and help the space appear larger. Also the curtains should be light or white, and fine or semitransparent, to allow maximum natural light through it. For more information, you can read ‘Colors for small spaces’ .

Do I want my sofa to stand out. Or do I want it to be integrate and camouflage in the decoration? It is also important that you ask yourself this question. If it is a remarkable sofa like a Chester for example. You will surely want to enhance it and the contrast of color is evident that will make it stand out. On a white background it will acquire more prominence than on a darker one. See you soon!