Strong and Antique Iron Beds Decor

Mar 5th

The antique iron beds are beautiful. That strong and impacting metal becomes ductile to express with its forms all kinds of perceptions. With wrought iron you can make impressive pieces of furniture and also headboards. A wrought iron bed designed with care. Quality and covered with beautiful paintings can become a true piece of art for modern and also classic interiors. Artisans and technicians who work with wrought iron are able to reproduce the sketches of their clients. And then, create unlikely forms that contrast with the meaning of such strong metal. A bed of romantic style forging is characterize by metal turned elements with flowers added. Others are more linear and straight with some arabesques and perhaps the most striking.

The sinuosas totally asymmetric and with visual movement. One of the most important characteristics of the structures of wrought iron beds is their stability. The bed does not move or the headboard is displace. These beds are characterized by their stability and resistance. The headboard design is simple. The vertical and horizontal tubes are join by a piece that embraces them. Bed with headboard in wrought iron work by hand by an iron craftsman. With a classic design and at the same time innovative, and timeless. It does not go out of style, you change it to the sumo if you want something of renewal. It is an ideal solution for a romantic and special room with classic style, sober and nothing exaggerated for a lifetime.

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Depending on the style of decoration chosen. The wrought iron beds can be adopted and also adapted to the different designs and styles. Also adjusting to the whole of the room. They are ideal in classic environments. Decorate with a vintage or shabby chic style. The most common colors for painting the forge headboards are white, black or gray, conserving the metallic tones typical of this material.

Of contemporary and elegant design. It is varnish in graphite color, cut effect. But it can be varnish in white, pearl gray, dove gray, brown, and black. With a finish aged in gold and also silver.  Very, very feminine, with contoured curves, classic, modern and also stylish. The circles seem to move like waves and the iron sheet simulates being a bright ribbon like the razo. Its design evokes a certain complexity of elaboration. For the artisan who dominates iron, no choice of his client is impossible, it is a challenge, it is a work of art.