Wall Mount Tv Shelf Ideas And Dvd Player Shelf Ideas

Apr 14th

Since LCD TVs are so flat and light, they can easily mounted on a wall.  Flat screens have changed the way people watch TV. It is now possible to mount a 50-inch-plus screen on the wall. And also has a large image that brings shows or movies to life. One of the disadvantages of this, though, is that entertainment centers sitting on the floor rarely work for storage of components like DVD players and cable boxes. Wall mount TV shelf ideas work well for storage of these components, and there is a choice to choose from for a variety of tastes and preferences.

First, rail system; A wall mount shelf on a rail system is easy to install and adjustable so you can change it with your changing needs. The skins are mounted by turning them into the plaster by means of plaster anchors. Or anchoring the shelves to the wall stems with screws. Shelf holders just snap into place in the notches and the shelves go on top of the shelf holders. This system is available at many home improvement stores. Second, floating TV shelf wall mount; a floating shelf is basically a 2-inch wide hole box with the back panel missing.

You measure the cavity of the shelf. Cut a handle that will fit well into the hollow part of the shelf and mount as the handlebar to the wall. This board is real support for the shelf, so it must anchored using plaster anchors or by turning directly into the wall framing. The hollow of the base is then inserted into the handlebar. Screwed from the top of the shelf into the handlebar, which gives the shelf a floating appearance. This type of shelves is usually custom design. But if you want a modern design, this is a great way to keep your DVD player and other components.

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Third, cable-supported shelves; for the ultimate slim and industrial design, shelves for wall with fronts supported by cables will add interest and be extremely durable. The cables are mount vertically on the roof and floor. Passing through the front corners of the shelves. When mounted on the wall, each shelf has a sleeve attached to the cable and supports the weight of the components on the shelf. These shelves will be able to carry extra weight. Because they are anchor to the ceiling and the floor, distribution of the weight all over the cable and not just at the connection points. Shelves are often from the glass.