Railing Flower Boxes Ideas

Mar 4th

A delightful dot to every child’s playhouse is a porch complete with railing flower boxes. You can add a porch railing to a playhouse with some easy-to-use tools and less carpentry skills. The process is so simple that you can even ask the children to help. Railing boxes are beautiful addition to any porch, staircase or farm. They talk about quality and strength and can add a sense of security. Generally, old good iron work can be remedied and painted; it will last for decades, if done correctly.


Determine how long you want the porch to be. If you already have corner posts, such as a playhouse with an overhanging porch ceiling, proceed to step 2. If you do not already have the corner posts, cut a post for each hand, the corner uses 4-by-4 inch treated wood. To determine the length, add 12 inches to the desired height. Place the posts flush with each corner and drop every 12 inches into the ground. Secure with a tapping screw. Measure one-for-6-inch timber to form the top rail according to the desired location.

For example, if you have already existing, from floor to ceiling corners, the porch railing will be evenly located between them. Measure the distance between the posts. If you use posts that only go up to the rack height, the railing will be on top of them. Measure the distance from the outer edge of one post to the outer edge of the other so that the upper edge is firmly flush. Secure the upper rail to the corner posts from the bottom, using the grunion screw and “L” brackets. Use 2-by-4 inch timber to create railroad rack, also known as spiders.

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To make your own, measure each part 3 inches longer than the desired height of the railing. Keep the first pointer flush beneath the top rail and toward the outer edge of the playhouse porch. Three inches will hang over the veranda edge. Attach the stall with the screwing screw to the bottom. Secure from the bottom of the top rail with an L bracket. Repeat with each stand, keeping them at the same distance from each other.


To simplify and with the distance between the spindles, cut a scrap wood piece of the same size as the space. Use the scrap to match the spiders perfectly. If you prefer handsome stewards, you can buy traditional stair spiders and cut them to suit the desired height. Make sure that the stands are close enough to prevent a child from getting stuck or slipping between them.