How to Mount Large Sunburst Mirror

Jan 20th

Large sunburst mirror – There are many ways to decorate with a big mirror. Not only are mirrors stunning in any room, they open up small spaces and show off decorative objects. A large mirror adds additional light to a room and can also reflect the room’s colors. Who can resist the temptation to temporarily pause when they pass a mirror? The key to mounting a large mirror is to ensure that you provide good support for this exquisite interior design supplement.


Select where you want to mount the large sunburst mirror. Remove all items that may get in your way. This will make it easier to work and hang the mirror straight. Press the mirror as well as the wall. Use a level to make some peak of the mirror is the level. Select the wall by tracing all four-edged mirrors with a pen. Take the mirror and put it in a safe place until later.

Use a tape measure to measure 1/3 of the way from the top left corner to the middle of the top line. Repeat, from the right hand corner for large sunburst mirror. You will now have two small marks on the top line. Use measure tape to measure and mark 1/3 section for sidelines and bottom row. Use stud finder, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a screwdriver to place a screw flush into the wall of each brand to form a hole. Take out the screw, just leave the hole. Place a drywall anchor bolt in any of the holes that do not have a pin behind them. Screw the plaster anchor bolt equally with the wall.

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