Modern Stair Railing: Stairway Railing Ideas

Jan 25th

Modern stair railing – In most cases, staircase is the focal point of a home. A great way that can add a design element to your home as well as a good safety measure come from a great railing. Many homeowners have decided to replace their existing railings with sleek, modern railings. These come in different shapes, depending on the type of stairs they will be attached to.

Metal Railings

A metal railing is the most common modern stair railing design because it fits into any modern home and decor. Often a handrail is as simple as a metal rod connected to thin metal supports. Generally, they are seen on spiral stairs, and should only be used on stairs from anything but wood. If you are looking for something rugged and modern, metal rails are a cheap but effective solution.

Wooden railing

Wooden railings add a contemporary yet elegant and warm feeling to your decor. A wooden modern stair railing never really goes out of style. This type of handrail is popular with wooden stairs. And it is often made of oak that is robust enough to hold the balustrade (upright slats of the staircase). And the weight of a person standing on it. Consider matching stair rails to the color of your hardwood floors.

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