Making Contemporary Kitchen Tables

Jan 19th

How to build this wonderful contemporary kitchen tables made of recycled wood pallets, this will be the ideal complement to the  kitchen also made with recycled wooden pallets that we showed in a previous post, the size of this project will be large enough as  to place 8 people comfortably in it . Once the pallets have been disassembled, we will plan the structure of our kitchen table so that we can take the measurements. Cut the crossbars and join them with screws so that they remain as strong as possible. This step is very important since the structure will end up holding the whole table and it will give firmness and stability to it.

Once the structure is ready we will prepare to make the base of the contemporary kitchen tables using for this purpose the slats we have previously removed from the pallets. So that the result is more beautiful and resistant is advisable that the slats are interspersed with others can also change the sizes to give a more beautiful and curious completion and use screws, flanges or clamps to hold the first row since this row will depend that all others come out correctly aligned or not.

For the finish you can use some varnish , paint it in one or several colors or as in this case use a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil to give a more natural finish, the final result as you can see is a beautiful contemporary kitchen tables made with very cheap materials and what we can do ourselves.

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