DIY King Bed Frame Double

Apr 10th

DIY king bed frame double is one of the furniture in the bedroom and serve people to sleep. Double beds have space for two people and are usually used by couples, hence the meaning of the name. The size of these beds corresponds to the size of two single beds placed side by side. However, there are other sizes of the Queen Size bed. Slightly larger than the standard double bed and the King Size bed which is a very large bed and which offers much comfort and space to its users. The bed is usually made of solid wood, such as pine. But other materials such as steel, particleboard or iron may be used. Nowadays there is DIY king platform bed that combine design with functionality, being possible to buy a double bed with drawers. That allows gaining space of housekeeping in the room.

If you are interested in buying a double bed we suggest buying online. Have you seen what it is to be able to visit several stores without leaving the same place?. With online purchase it is possible! Check out the various virtual furniture and decoration stores. Where you can learn about the new releases and take tips on designing environments. Search for the designs of double DIY king bed frame plans that best suit your taste and your bedroom and match the rest of the furniture. At the time of making the purchase look in the various stores for the best deals.

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DIY King Bed Frame Paint

The bed painting is done by the electrostatic process. This process allows the powdered paint to be fixed to the part after passing through an electric charge, forming a film, which protects the iron from the action of natural elements, which can cause damages such as corrosion. In addition, the film formed is extremely strong, preventing scratches and knocks from leaving the iron exposed, threatening the integrity of the material.

At the junctions of the lines, a detailed structural reinforcement was made, thus avoiding uncomfortable noises. The whole context of the bed is composed of hollow material and of thick thickness. Which guarantees all the resistance that Icamas offers. The feet are finished in carpet, avoiding damage to the floor and allowing the displacement of the bed in the room. Made during the repositioning of the furniture, in future renovations or in new projects.

The platform is extremely resistant, composed of two frames of iron easily engageable, supporting up to 300 kg of weight. The design of the dais was carefully thought to avoid deformities in the mattress, that appear with the passage of time in other models of bed. Another advantage that this style of platform offers is of not needing a central support in the bed, thus facilitating the cleaning of the room.