Diy Frosted Glass Pantry Door to Save On a Budget

Feb 10th

The pantry is often a gather-all of food, cookbooks, utensils, aprons and other kitchen-related gadgets and items. If your pantry offers a look in with sheets of glass, you may not be proud of what is on display when guests arrive. Obscuring eyesight is just a matter of glass frosting. Of course, you can buy the frosted glass panels to replace the current ones. But that expensive, time consuming and most probably not worth it. There are some cases where the doors on a wall pantry are made of frosted glass when this type of pantry is built into a wall. This is usually has a door that extends from the top of the unit to the floor. But there are some cases where the doors are divided into smaller sections. There are some ways you can cover the glass without much effort. So, make your own frosted pantry doos.

Sliding Door Design Ideas

For the instructions, starting with paint the etched glass door designs with an acrylic enamel wall. The enamel is apply as a light coat, and when it is dry it will become opaque. These creating a glaze effect for the pantry doors. Paint the glaze in clean, even strokes to get the best results. If you want to be creative, apply the nail polish to a model of your choice. Second, spray glass frosting spray through the panes of your pantry doors. Frost spray is cheaper than buying frosted glass sheets and is apply as spray paint. Third, self-adhesive frosting application for pantry glasses. The film is apply just as a tape and obscures the view. While this technique is less time-consuming than painting the panels with Acrylic glaze or frosting, it is necessary to apply the film slowly and deliberately to avoid trapped air bubbles.

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Note, use painter’s tape to accidentally prevent coverage of the rest of your pantry doors in application frosting. Allow a couple of hours for the preferred method of application to dry properly and settle down. Remember, very common problem at home with frosted glass are stain. What and how to clean the matte glass, one of the most frequently asked housewives. And it’s very easy, as it is not an easy task. What to remove grease stains with frosted glass? With cretaceous, 1 cup water-lukewarm grind and pour three tablespoons of common white chalk. In this solution, moisten a soft cloth and wipe the glass on both sides. Now, wait until the mixture dries a bit, then erase the chalk with a clean cloth.

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