Different Ideas for Mid Century Bar Cabinet

Jan 9th

Kitchen is a neuralgic point inside house: It is place that gathers not only family. But also delicious ingredients to prepare daily meals, requiring a functional and comfortable space to balance all functions. And different areas that kitchen requires with new trends, mid century bar cabinet have become a very popular acquisition in all types of kitchens, emerging mainly as a response to need for an informal dining room for small homes.

In keeping with apartment, kitchen of this house looks impeccable and modern thanks to its high gloss surfaces, including quartz stop that extends in an L shape to form mid century bar cabinet. This is not typical inn since it has a waterfall of same material as top with an angular and different design to make it look light and at same time, support loads that rest on it.

Looking to create balance and contrast, in this design mid century bar cabinet was completely covered with a wood laminate to differentiate it from rest of white kitchen, locating counter just behind stove, attached to main piece of furniture. These compact designs help to save space and improve functionality of kitchen, shortening distances between different points of same and complying with  working triangle for good design of this type of spaces.

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