Create Underbed Storage Drawers to Organize The Space

Mar 12th

How many times do you get to order the room and you feel that you lack space? Without realizing it, most of us have a beautiful unused space under the bed. Usually plastic containers are used for this purpose, but a wooden box made by us will be much more beautiful and will allow us to release the handymen that we all carry inside. So, say goodbye to the dusty blankets now and discover the benefits of underbed storage drawers made by yourself to store things. We detail here the necessary materials and the steps.

Materials needed: construction adhesive, pieces of 20 mm plywood, handle, 4 wheels, 19 self,  tapping wood screws and wood varnish. Tools required: screwdriver, brush, paint tray, cartridge gun, newspaper, metal ruler, pencil, cloth. Where do we start this underbed storage bins? Place the pieces; before beginning the assembly of the pieces of wood, you should put them on the work table. And present them according to how you are going to place them. In this way, after everything will fit well. Clean the parts; before you begin to glue the pieces you should clean the wooden surfaces with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. This will ensure a better adhesion of the construction adhesive.

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Paste the pieces; next, Then, apply a line of construction adhesive along one of the side edges. Then, glue the side strip to the base of the drawer and apply pressure to the contact area for 20 seconds. Repeat the process for the side and back of the drawer. Do not forget to apply the adhesive between the side stripes as well. Leave the front face of the drawer without sticking and let it dry for 24 hours. To ensure that the front of the drawer holds all the use you will give it over the years, it is better to screw it against the sides and the back of the drawer. To do this, put 3 screws in each of the side tables and 5 in the back piece.

Now that you have finished the drawer and it is well assembled. You should varnish it so that it lasts longer. To do this, first cover your desk with newspaper. Then, apply a thin layer of varnish on all sides of the drawer, even inside. Let it dry for 24 hours. When the varnish is dry, use the ruler to find the center of the front of the drawer. Mark it with a pencil to define the position of the shooter. Use a screwdriver and self-tapping screws to attach the handle to the wood. Make sure that the screws are not longer than the width of the wood. Install the wheels and the underbed storage with wheels its has been great.