5 Essential Complements of Music Studio Furniture

Feb 23rd

The furniture to start a recording studio is very expensive. If your budget is reduced you will have a big dilemma in which each time, you will remove more elements. A home recording studio is not economically impossible if we add just the necessary elements for beginners. Beware that with beginners we do not mean poor quality. But the necessary elements that will make up the music studio furniture, the basic and essential. So you do not ruin yourself and you can start recording. Are you determined to continue with your own studio? And want to know how to set it up at home? These will be the 5 essentials.

First, sound insulation panels; as a musician, what is most valued is the quality of the sound, it is the first maxim. Therefore, it is the first thing that must taken care of and protected with our study furniture. Normally, when you put the speakers directly on the desk, the low frequencies will resonate down through the table. Which will result in low frequency noise? It may not be noticeable in lower volumes, but it always happens. And the result is that the sound is much less accurate than it could be. To combat this problem, sound insulation panels create an acoustic barrier that prevents these vibrations from being transferred.

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Second, support for speakers; do not alter the sound and maintain maximum fidelity in your recording studio, start by isolating the speakers. You can use a foot as a complement or even the tripod of a camera. Normally, when positioning the speakers directly on the desk, the positioning options are very limit. In your home recording studio furniture the good positioning of the speakers can be as important as the speakers themselves. This way you make sure that the sound flows through the room. Avoiding reverberations and noise when hitting immediate obstacles. Third, quality work station / desk; in addition to sound quality, the other major problem that all home recording studios face is that of the organization.

Fourth, rack or refrigerated storage station; it can easily argued that all furniture studio updates are optional. All except storage shelves. A rack or shelf is the only item that all study, sooner or later, will acquire. With time, you will acquire more sophisticated tools. So you’ll need your equipment to housed in a rugged, frame-mounted chassis. The best hardware manufacturers know that a rack is the smartest way to organize the equipment. And also preserve the components. Basically we are talking about shelves that can assembled by modules, which are link between them. That is firm and secure. Last, good chairs; this could not be missing as one of the pillars in the recording studio furniture ideas. Where you plan to work and spend many hours.

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